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Guest British_eh














OUR FIRST POST :) from Hellshade

British_eh has written some beautiful and very useful "Survival in the Air" guides. If you haven't read them yet and you are serious about being the best pilot you can be in OFF:BH&H, I heartily recommend taking the time to browse his sticky thread and read through them. After chatting with him in private briefly I was inspired to create an Air to Air Tactics video. I certainly don't claim to be the "end all - be all" of air to air combat, however I have developed a few tactics and strategies that allow me to come out on top of most dogfights and I figured I'd just share them with you in a way that let's you actually see what I'm talking about. The toughest dogfights for me always used to be the ones where I was fighting against an aircraft that was more manueverable and faster turning than the one I was flying. If they can out turn me and I'm not in an energy fighter like a Spad, how do I bring my guns to bear on them? This Tactics video shows the solutions I came up with, as well as answers another great question "How do I raise my shooting accuracy to bring down the most planes with the fewest number of bullets?"


All settings are on standard Dead is Dead settings, (less accurate guns, aircraft stress on, limited fuel & ammo, G-effects, Wind on, etc) but I did put up the Z key info and the virtual cockpit gauges so that while I was making manuevers, you could witness real time things like what % my throttle is at, my altitude, air speed and how many rounds I fired in a given burst as well as how many I had left. Since the purpose of this video is to share information on Tactics, please understand that "immersion" wasn't my top priority. In order to maximize the challenge and realism, I also am using Creaghorns Ammo Mod that gives only slight smoke trails for my bullets (no tracers) and virtually no smoke puffs or debris falling from a plane if I do hit it. This makes it considerably harder to know how to correct my aim if I miss or even if I am hitting or missing the target at all. Even with this kind of difficulty, I will show you how you can bring down enemy aircraft in just 2 or 3 short bursts.


The video is large because it's long. Over 9 minutes long. It's just over 1GB, so it's best to give it time to completely download after pausing it before un-pausing it to begin playing. Also, it seems to me that youtube did not do as good a job of processing it at 1080 HD as it has other videos. I wonder if the size is a part of that issue or if it's still processing it. Time will tell. Finally, youtube cut off the final 2 seconds of the video for some reason, cutting me off just before the end of my sentance. My last words were "It's not about maximum speed. It's about maximum time the target is in front of your guns." Sorry for the cut-off. It is in there on the full video, but as I say, youtube cut it off. Not sure why.


Hellshades Air to Air Combat Tactics (9:15) Full Screen - 1080 HD Fully Voiced


As this is my first instructional type video about tactics (as opposed to all my previous work which was for entertainment value), I would appreciate any constructive feedback, positive or negative. I already know I should try to shave the size down a bit to as close to 5 minutes as possible. Other than that, let me know what you liked and what could be improved and if you thought it was useful at all.




Edited by British_eh

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Wow, one year ago today you posted this! I've been out of the OFF business for a while but am getting my new box today. Just a thought, why not put your video in the downloads section and then we can just grab it? I mean, yeah, 1 GB, but still, it could be a background D/L I'm really interested in seeing this, I chose my screen name for a VERY good reason!


As well, I know in the past you all have sent out release DVD's of OFF, etc. Maybe this material and the survival guides could be included on them as well.


Remember Pearl Harbor, 70 years ago today...

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