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Error with "Hat in the ring"

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Hi everyone,


Could someone please help me. Ever since installing "Hat in the ring" expansion I get this weird error 50% of the time when i try to fly a mission in campaign. Prior expansion installation everything worked fine. After i click ok in the pop up it just crashes to windows. Any help would be appreciated.


Thank in advance and what an amazing sim this is! :D




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<br />Sorry guy, I don't speak computer, but did you ever reconfigure your video card AFTER you installed the patch. Did you install the 1.47 ?<br /><br />Should re-installation become needed, which would be the Last Gasp. See "Pilot Training Videos #13" STICKY in the Knowledge base as a 'play' by 'play'<br /><br />First I would try to Reset CFS3 Files by pushing a button in WORKSHOP. However You WILL LOSE all your pilots, when you do. And double check your settings and overrides, as they've been known to default<br /><br />Plus of course, you'll need to reconfigure your video card. By the way that's via Workshop, the one on Desktop is CFS3<br />
<br /><br /><br />


After reading through numerous problem threads I finally figured out what the problem was. Call my stupid, but it was a mere question of proper patch sequence installation. After reinstalling everything seems to work fine.

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