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Hawker Hunter Released

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Download here: http://max-gs.com/files/HunterF6.zip (12.8MB's)


You need the latest weapons pack ( http://max-gs.com/adave/weaponsdev/ )


Package includes 7 skins; 6 by Sundowner and 1 by Gramps.







Hawker Hunter F.6 for

Strike Fighters : Project 1


build 05-09-2004







To install the Hawker Hunter F.6 simply unzip the "Hunter_F6" folder and place it in your "Strikefighters\Objects\Aircraft" directory.

Then simply run strike fighters selecting Single Mission and picking the "Hawker Hunter F.6" from the list of flyable aircraft.







No custom pit with this release..The F-100 is very similar in general shape and instrumentation so makes for a good stand-in.


You'll need the latest weapons pack to use the Hunter. With the latest weapons pack you'll find you have access to 100 and 230 gallon fuel tanks, plus 100 gallon napalm, MATRA SNEB rocket pods and 60lb rockets.



Hawker Hunter F.6 introduction & History




The Hawker Hunter is a classic plane with a long and exciting history. It was designed between the close of WWII and the Korean War, the latter even hastening (and complicating) its development, in the real beginnings of the ?blowtorch" era, a period when the basic features of jet fighters ? many of them still valid - had to be designed. Notably of interest with the Hunter is its adaptability to different roles and hence its long service life despite the even increased pace of development.


The first prototype Hunter was aerodynamically cleaned up and reconfigured for a world speed record attempt in 1953 by installing a stronger engine with reheat, twin airbrakes and a pointed nose cone. Painted in a high gloss bright red scheme, it set a (short standing) world speed record at 709.22 mph over a 100 km course.


Basically, the Hunter was designed as an air superiority fighter. It was to be armed with the then standard four Hispano 20 mm guns, which was later changed to 30 mm Aden guns. The maiden flight of the first prototype took place on 20 July 1950, but it was only 1953 that the first production planes were introduced with RAF squadrons.


Development of the Hunter had been pressed forward under "Super Priority" conditions following the appearance of the then superior MiG 15 jet fighter in Korea, but as it turned out, the Korean war was over before the Hunter could be deployed. As a consequence of the speed-up development, several design flaws appeared only in the production planes and had to be cured the hard way. Main problems were the very short range, a strong tendency to nose pitch-downs caused by the use of the flaps as airbrakes and several problems with the guns.


The early Hunters were retired after only five years and replaced by improved variants. The F.4 and F.5, introduced in 1955 (produced by Hawker and Armstrong-Whitworth respectively and equipped with Rolls-Royce or Armstrong powerplants) had an improved internal fuel capacity plus reinforced wings with provisions for underwing stores (fuel tanks, bombs or rockets) and the link collector blisters.


The final fighter variant was the F.6, equipped with a 10,000 lb thrust Avon engine. The higher thrust effected the necessity of several aerodynamical modifications, outwardly most notable a redesigned wing with leading edge extensions and blast deflectors on the gun muzzles. As an interceptor, the Hunter was soon outperformed and replaced by the English Electric Lightning, which was a fully supersonic plane whereas the Hunter had to go into a dive to become supersonic.




Known Issues



* None at present




Aircraft Files



Authored by David:













Authored by Sundowner:


All Decals in "\D" folder

IAF20 skin

RAF34 skin

RAF14 skin

RAF74 skin

RAF41 skin

RAF45 skin


Authored by Gramps:

RAF4 skin



Thanks to










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