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"sure I can,just like you can defend your rantings in the face of reality.....this was a nice debate,but Im afraid it has come to a end because it IS getting a bit personal and I have NO intention to go that route....suffice it to say this HAD been a very nice thread,I never called ANYONE any names nor did I say they were idiots,you just did and crossed the line...be well...."


Promise to keep this civil,


I never took it personally btw. It was a heated debate.And yes I do respect your views.. nothing got out of hand and nore had I called anyone and idiot.I did however went a little bit and called him dumb or a pencil pusher in one sentence. Yes I should have chose better words and.Well heh I guess dumb is just the same as the word idiot so I stand corrected. But what he did wasnt exactly a wise thing to do.. Still was a Nice thread..Btw I feel you may have taken my points a bit personally.. I had made some major points I think you rather chose to ignore than responed to.. When it seem to come to the real issues I have yet to see anybody really elaberate on.. I believe I have proven you wrong about his carrier speach and pointed out several issues that have to do with the economy and how I feel Enron is a good example of how its being run. Nobody would admit that vets had committed crimes in vietnam wich is a bit sad I feel..Sad that nothing of a sort is acceptable to discuss in truth. Nobody wants to discuss Bush's fallbacks and rather continue to harp on Kerry's millitary record as what seems the main avoidance topic for anyother subject concerning Bush's performance as a commander and chief..Nobody cared about discussing the corruption of the constitution by placing bands on gays and lesbians and what I believe he forcing his religious beliefs into the constitution of how marriage is defined..These are extreemely dangerous anti semetic and religious morals being placed within our government..While on duty and on the tax payers payroll he should not be using his religion as a badge or a means to go to war or place bans on particular groups of people he doesnt like or agree with. Thats socialism not a Democracy. and I feel that's Bush's lack of seperation of church and state..Now this is just my opinion but while in office reffering to god in speeches and creating government funded voucher systems for religious schools is crossing the line. Putting in faith based programs is crossing the line.


I should have made my point a little more dirrect as I would choose Kerry because Hes in my eyes the lesser of two evils as the phrase goes. I do agree that kerry's record isn't clear on his miltirary background.I just feel he has a more experienced background when dealing with the military and war than Bush.However, From what I've seen from Bush these past few years leads me lean more for a real bad need to change whos running this country. My orginal vote was to go to Wes Clark who I thought would have made the best canidate. However, He really wasnt well known by the population nation wide to gain enough ground in the race.. There are issue I dont like Kerry on...Some very issues that also deal with his views on gay/lesbians..Though He doesnt stand for putting into the constitution so that makes him the lesser evil on that debate.


So I hope this clears it a bit up..No need to responed just a final word if you will..Thanks everyone for the debate.

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