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Tu-22M3P EscortBackfire

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Tu-22M3P EscortBackfire

Tu-22M3P EscortBackfire





This bird is fiction. First i saw such a plane in the very old computer game Harpoon.

In some scenarios the Tu-22M3 bombers were escorted by a fighter version of the Backfire


which was armed with long range missiles and a MiG-31 style radar.

When HoneyFox released his excellent Tu-22M3 bomber i remembered the old Harpoon


Story and modded the Backfire into a Fighter.

Have fun!



Tu-22M3P for WOE, WOV, WOI, SFP1 credits


While making the EscortBackfire i used a lot of files made by other modders. Thanks for this




The plane itself:



Modell and skin by HoneyFox

Thanks for permission to make this mod.



The Cockpit is taken from fabulous B-1B



Cockpit by Dels



And finally my little share


I edited the Data file to implement the air to air missiles, added the ECM and Chaffs etc,


modded the radar and HUD.



I hope that i havent forgotten someone to give the proper credit.






unzip into your aircraft folder


Thats it! Enjoy flying.





For remarks, comments, bugs, etc please use CombatAce forum or send me a PM.


Hope you enjoy it.



Michael (Gepard)



Made in Germany


Dezember 2010


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