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Operation Longbow (Desert 1983)

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Operation Longbow (Desert 1983)

Operation Longbow 1.1

By JonathnanRL


As the 1975 Dhimar-Paran war ends with the exile of Parans Emperor, a discovery is made in the

deepest corner of Parani Mountains. A mineral mine, large enough alone to sustain the Empires economy

for generations to come have been discovered, much to the dismay of the Dhimari whose oil supply after decades

of war have either been spent, burned or sold.


As the eighties arrive, Paran have reinforced their Air Force with western jets, cut most of their ties with the

Soviet Union and become a member of the United Nations. Dhimar however does not trust the military buildup in the

region and argues that a pre-emtive strike to "subdue" Paran is necessary. The Kingdoms true goal, however

is control of the mineral mine.


The United States, seeing the need to aid their ally reluctantly sends Air Force and Marine Corps Squadrons to the

region in order to defend the Kingdom, should Paran attack.


On the last of Januari, 1983, A lone Parani Mirage strafes the American F-15s based at D3 Airfield. The next day,

The Kingdom of Dhimar attacks the Empire of Paran. Angered by the attack upon their Forces, Ronald Reagan

orders the US Forces to support the Dhimari Offensive...




You need everything but SF2: Israel Expansion Pack 1 for this Campaign. It is designed to work

in a Merged Installation and uses Aircraft from all four as well as Expansion Pack 2.



Optional Add-On Aircraft:


Theese Aircraft will be present in the campaign if you have them installed.

If they are not installed, others will take their place...


L-39C "Albatros"


(Paran Attack Aircraft)

F-19 "Flying Frisbee"


(Special Operations Squadron Aircraft)


F-16A "Fighting Falcon" Block 1


(SF1 Standard. Installation dependent on how much you want a USAF looking F-16.)


1.1 Change:

-Changed L39C version of Parani Air Force to L39 ground attack variant.





Thirdwire, for such Awesome Toys!

MontyCZ for the L-39C

Wrench for the F-19

The Mirage Factory for their F-16


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Version 1.1 applied on this file. A very minor fix, changing the optimal L39 version from the recon to the ground attack version.

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