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Blue dust

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I've added Geo's WWI Ground Objects to FEG and the wagons' dust is blue.

Makes it easy to target, but....


Any suggestions on how I might fix this?


Cheers Grinseed

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WHAT have those horses been eating????? :lol:


in the wagon's data ini, look for the [movementsystem[ statement (this is from the 6x6 truck:









MovementEmitterName=WheeledVehicleDustEmitter <--this line




swap it out with that one, and see what happens



kevin stein

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Thanks Wrench, no more dust. It occurs to me now that the wagon and the driver seem to lack some colour. Might look into that later.


Your little joke prompts me to relate my favourite story which passed around during the War.


The story goes that very early in the war, when the British Army had just arrived in France, the infantry commanders followed tradition by riding on their personal chargers ahead of the column of their marching men.

One such commander, a general, was leading his men along a road across the French country side, when his horse dropped a massive and distinctly loud fart, which carried by a soft breeze directly through the rank and file behind.

The commander was greatly embarrassed. He turned his saddle and called a sincere "Sorry, about that!"

The column continued marching until someone called back, 'Very decent of you to apologise sir. We rather thought it was the horse.'


Cheers Grinseed

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