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Where the blue dust in FEG comes from....

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.....on my rig at least. I'm using an ATI card.


The blue dust only shows when I use gumpy's IL2 clouds patch.


There's some sort of colour conflict there somewhere but it's not hurting anything else.

Wrench's fix in the previous thread on this topic will eliminate the blue.


Took me a while to work out because I have been experimenting with cloud patch cocktails. In the end having to sort out all the cloud patches into individual Flight folders has left me with a nice little collection to use as I please.


Has anyone else had the same problem with graphics cards?


Cheers, Grinseed.

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with all the 1stGens (SF/Wo*/FE) there was an "issue" with ATI cards. I can't remember what or why or how (having an Nvidia I never had the problem)


OTH, with NextGens, I haven't (or don't!) remember anyone reporting "oddities". Of course, the mix&match of effects can cause 'a certain strangeness' too.


glad it got fixed!



kevin stein

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Next Gens are going to have to wait for my next and better rig :sigh:

In the meantime what I have now still keeps me excited.


I've found that the cloud patch cocktails aren't at all that buggy really. The blue dust is the only thing I've really noticed. A tiny bit of cloud shimmer with Wide Sky and IL2 Clouds, but not much else. (on my rig of course)

For those who are interested, my current favourite mix is one part Thicker Clouds and then one part Realistic Skies, in that order, in a stock Flight folder, shake well and serve in a biplane of your choice. Love those early morning sunrises.


And a word of thanks to you Wrench, for your assistance to this noob, very much appreciated.


Cheers Grinseed

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