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Star Wars BattleFront

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Just wondering if anyone's picked this one up yet. I just grabbed it tonight and lumbered around in an AT-AT blowing away those damn rebel scum... ;)


So far I'm impressed, pretty good game!

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Well, after spending the entire evening trying to get the damn thing to connect to a server with no success, my initial enthusiasm has gone down some. There are some horrendous bugs right now, and it's rather obvious they rushed the thing out to coincide with the DVD release Tuesday. They are going to have to do some major patching to get some of the big bugs worked out.


That being said, I'm still having a ball with the single-player mode. Being on the ground is some of the major battles in the Star Wars galaxy is pretty awesome. Last night I was battling on Hoth as both Empire and Rebel, and it was a hoot. I love the snowspeeders and taking out AT-ATs with the tow cables. And lumbering around in an AT-AT as the Empire, well, if you only knew the power of the dark side... ;)

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