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Multiplayer Mod Possible?

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Is it known what file or files contain parameters for WOI/WOV/WOE multiplayer missions and has anyone modded these in order to change the conditions of multiplayer scenarios?


What I would like to do is to increase the number and variety of enemy air defenses in a multiplayer mission. In comparing single player missions to multiplayer mission with similar objectives the MP missions are much tamer with respect to numbers of SAM’s and AAA.



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Mission generation in multiplayer is hard coded. The smaller numbers were meant to help out with server communications. When the game was written, most people were still using 56K dialup. Terrain textures and other parameters are also automatically reduced the help out with frame rates and make sure the hosting server has plenty of cpu for handling comms. The nice part about all of that is that my old Pentium 3 machine that could barely run the later patches/releases of the SFP1 series could still act as a multiplayer host and have playable frame rates. I used to leave it up 24-7 as a dogfight host via Hamachi and/or Hyplerlobby. So, the only way for multiplayer missions to be really challenging and enjoyable is to have LOTS OF PLAYERS! 4 vs 4 was fun, but 8 vs 8 would have been the holy grail if enough people would have ever showed up.

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