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OT But what the heck

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I heard they plan to recover and conserve it in it's current condition at Hendon. - No restoration is planned.


So said the BBC, but they've only just found it, and it seems pretty quick to be deciding that kind of thing. Need to get it out the water for a start. Looks pretty much still together in the sonar image. Christmas come early for some lucky conservator.....

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Different war but I though it was interesting. Be nice if they could restore it and put it in a museum.


I bet if they'd try to pull it up, it would crumble to pieces - it lay in salt water all the time.

They were lucky with wreckage finds in Norway's and Finland's sweet water lakes though.

And a Focke Wulf fighter was pulled out of a harbour in Germany, where it was stuck deep

in the mud - that craft was pretty well preserved. They found the dead pilot in it, and in his

wallet were condoms, still sealed and intact after all those years. Gives me goose skin.

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