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Looking for Korea 1950 campaign

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Is there a new Korea 1950 campaign.

I remember a while back there was one, but had a lot of instalation issues. I also seem to recall somebody was going to try and make one....did that go on? If so,,is it available anywhere

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There is a patch to bring it up to 06 level. If you want to use it with 08 then you are gonna have to patch yourself quite a few things (flight models mostly). Also if you are going to use Wrench´s WW2 weapons pack or Bunyap´s weapons pack you need to get them though the 08 weapons editor first.


Installation is not that much of a problem, just do it in this order:

1 - Korean Air War Complete Mod - http://combatace.com...r-complete-mod/

2 - Korean War Mod Update - http://combatace.com...war-mod-update/

3 - Korean Air War Ground Object and Campaign Update - http://combatace.com...ampaign-update/



Still, it wont be enough to make it really playable. As I said you are gonna have to work through several issues.

EDIT: Be sure to read the Readme file on each step.


There is also a mod on the making for SF2 called "Mig Alley", but I dont know how long till they release it.

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