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  1. There is a six o´clock camera. It´s a good idea to bind it to a close button that you can press quickly as soon as you hear a "He is firing a missile!" over the radio. That way you can quickly check and evade if necessary. And remember, better let a kill go than become one yourself.
  2. Delegación Española

    ¿Quizás una intervención en Vietnam? ¿Un conflicto moderno con Marruecos? ¿Participación con la OTAN en Iran? ¿Llegada de los Sovieticos a los pirineos tras arrasar el resto de Europa?
  3. Delegación Española

    El problema que veo yo con el material Español es que salvo una campaña "What if" o absolutamente ficticia no se le puede dar demasiada salida.
  4. Ayuda

    Extraño. El error que comentas es un error común al usar un pack de armas destinado a una versión anterior del juego sin pasarlo antes por la versión correcta del editor.
  5. Ayuda

    ¿Estás usando algún pack de armas?
  6. You need to add the vortex effect to the xxx_DATA.ini, here is an example: [LeftOuterWing] .... HasVortexEmitter=TRUE VortexEmitterName=WingtipVortexEmitter VortexPosition=-5.24,-0.04,-0.43 VortexG=2.5 This would add a vortex effect defined in the effect file called WingtipVortexEmitter to the outer left wing that will start at a 2.5G turn. If you want to copy the F-16 effects to another plane, just find those lines and copy them over to the same section of the other plane. You may have to play with VortexPosition= to get it right. EDIT: MigBuster beat me to it :P
  7. http://combatace.com...0007-briefing9/ http://combatace.com...0008-debrief9a/ http://combatace.com...0009-debrief9b/ The s**t has hit the fan. This day was supposed to be the start of a new bombing campaign against the reds, a campaign that would have pushed them kicking and screaming into China. Our squadron was ordered to bomb some ammunition factories at Wonsan. http://combatace.com...age/20010-p1m9/ Even though our mission was a success, the campaign itself is in danger, the whole air superiority is in danger. The Mig-15 has arrived. A bitch capable of outgun, outmanouver and outclimb every and all of our jet fighters actually present in Korea. http://combatace.com...age/20011-p2m9/ We were lucky to arrive early. We dropped our bombs 5 minutes before any other airplane reached their assigned targets and quickly went RTB. As we were egressing a battle in the air erupted right behind us. The B-29s were the first ones to spot the Migs. Soon two of them fell down in flames. The F-84s and Panthers joined the fight after dropping their bombs, but to little effect. They just could not keep up with the Migs. http://combatace.com...age/20012-p3m9/ We arrived back to base without problems, but I´m not sure if we will be so lucky next time.
  8. http://combatace.com...0002-briefing8/ http://combatace.com...3-debriefing8a/ http://combatace.com...4-debriefing8b/ Some naval interdiction for the 80th. Recon Navy units have spotted a North Korean cargo ship moving close to the coast from Vladivostok, probably in rute to Sondok. Our orders were to sink it. Once again the weather was pleasent. On our way to the target several other planes joined us, a couple of F-51 Mustangs tasked with the destruction of the port AAA guns and four F-84s who had to escort us. And a good thing the Thunderjets were there because a pair of Yaks jumped us just 10 miles away from the target. The F-84 did their job and engaged in a heated dogfight with the reds. Thanks to that we could engage the ship that was already leaving the port full speed ahead. My wingman beat me to it and dropped his 1000lb bombs right into the target causing a tremendous explosion. A few minutes later the ship was resting at the bottom of the sea. (I wanted to take screenshoots of the explosion by my wingman was faster than I expected and caught me off guard, I couldn´t take any) We were RTB when I heard one of the F-84s screaming for help with a Yak right on his tail (for crying out loud, couldn´t he just speed up and leave it behind?). I turned on him, climbing a little and then I saw the Yak around 3000ft below me going the opposite direction. I took the chance and dived on him sending a 3 second burst right on top of him that sawed his nose off completly. After that me and the Thunderjets went RTB reaching home sound and safe. http://combatace.com...age/20005-m8p1/
  9. NHL returns to Winnipeg?

  10. 2011 Worldwide Threat Levels

    "The Spanish are all excited to see their new submarines ready to deploy. These beautifully designed subs have glass bottoms so the new Spanish navy can get a really good look at the old Spanish navy." Sorry, too busy revolting right now. #yeswecamp
  11. This is a good reason to use a mod manager like JSGME. Have saved my installs countless times, also helped finding out which mod was causing trouble.
  12. Gotta Love Those Nutjobs

    Religion should be kept away from those who are mentally ill. It only makes matters worse.
  13. What about a 1950 campaign for Wings over Europe?
  14. As far as I know, from the 1 Gen series, you can only do that with Wings over Vietnam and Wings over Europe. Can´t remember the order though. Just install the first one and when you try to install the second it will offer you to do a merge install.

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