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Capitaine Vengeur

70 years ago...

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May 27, 1941, saw the tragic conclusion of several days of a legendary gripping stalking. The immobilized battleship KMS Bismarck, pride of Nazi Germany, had to face alone a large part of the Royal Navy, including heavy modern battleships like HMS Rodney and King George V. She finally sank after hours of a terrible, merciless pounding, losing 1995 of her 2200 officers and seamen. After submarine explorations, the ship is now considered to have been scuttled during this hopeless battle.


The Royal Navy needed a complete revenge after the loss of HMS Hood (with all hands but 3), three days before, and obtained it that day. It was also a refreshing breath for Britain during a time of bad news, for on the same May 27, the decision was taken to evacuate Crete (the third evacuation in one year after France and Greece).




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Those must have been dark and desperate days in Britain and in Germany as well.

I have a fascinating book about the rediscovery of the Bismarck and indeed everything points to the fact that she was scuttled. Obviously it would have taken heavier stuff than torpedo's and 38 cm guns to sink her........:salute:

Sistership Tirpitz was eventually sunk by Tallboys at Tromsö......





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