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[Fictional] Hispano-Suiza HA.210 Hidalgo

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[Fictional] Hispano-Suiza HA.210 Hidalgo

Hispano-Suiza HA.210 Hidalgo (Nobleman) for STRIKE FIGHTERS 2 (Israel or Quad-Merged)


I modded the stock MiG-17F from SFP:I to make it look like a fictional fighter plane for the spanish air force.





The HA.200 Saeta, the precessor of the Hidalgo, was Spains first real jetfighter. But it didn't have enough power to stand a dogfight. So it was degraded to a trainer for the spanish piloting school.


While trying to improve the plane and creating the HA.220 Super Saeta, another team of Hispano-Suizas R&D department was involved in the planification and construction of a plane able to be some worthy opponent in close dogfights.


Three years later, the Hidalgo did it's maiden flight. The US was shocked about the capabilities of this tiny plane.

Spain used this plane for long time, offering US-pilots a chance to test their dogfighting skills in their F-86 Sabres. The plane presented here was part of the Ala 6.





1. Drop the folders into your Objects folder. If asked to overwrite, click yes.





Big Thanks to Thirdwire for the games and the superb models they have.



Kindest regards




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