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DAT's WoA -new engine damaged effect

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WoA has one particular nice feature -the use of engine damage effect, which by default isn't used.


By adding the effect file pointer in AircraftObject.ini, DAT aliased the AircraftSmokeEffect to EngineDamageEffect=


BUT, some of you might be using one of my effects packs in their install -if that's the casse, then AircraftSmokeEffect starts with big plume of smoke scattering in all directions -nice but not as this effect of damaged engine...


So I created new simple "AircraftEngineSmokeEffect" to be used as, well, you guessed right, EngineDamageEffect= entry


To use it, you must open the AircraftObject.ini included in WoA install, and change this line to point the effect call to new effect file:












So, as I use my Unified Effects pack in my test, unstable WW2 install (that WoA is integrated part of) here's small new engine damage effect:




extract to your Effects folder, IF asked, overwrite


here's the effect ingame, visible on the damaged right engine of SM.79 on the left:




it's darker, more grey/blue-ish tint to it, but also more transparent than standard aircraft smoke

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try this with updated Unified Effects (update available as separate download) :grin:

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