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Mirage 2000B Export Vol. 1

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Mirage 2000B Export Vol. 1

This addon offers the various Mirage 2000B in use in different Air Force, namely:


- Mirage 2000BG : Hellenic Air Force.

- Mirage 2000BM : Egyptian Air Force.

- Mirage 2000TH : Indian Air Force.


Compared to the single-seater, the 2000B is 19cm longer, is 219kg heavier and carry, internally, 60kg of fuel less.





1- Decompress the archive in a temporary folder

2- IMPORTANT! Backup the folders that will be modified.

3- Cut and paste this mod's folders in your game's Mod folder.

4- Enjoy!






3D model: Amokfloo, reworked by JAT81500.

Templates: Amokfloo.

Cockpit, pilots and fuel tanks: The Mirage Factory.

Skins: ludo.m54

Decals: ludo.m54 and Ghostrider883.

Sounds: Couby, Oxyd, Dassault Aviation.

Testing, ini tuning (mostly based on TMF's Mirage 2000 pack) and sounds importation: FDokal.

Hangar and loading screens : Gustav.


If I forgot anyone, let me know and I'll correct it asap.


Thanks to everyone on C6 and Combatace forums whom helped with this project.



*This addon is and must remain freeware.*



Released under CombatAce Fair-Use terms:





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Nice model, thanks!


What about the MF single seat export version? Will be released soon?


Thanks again!



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