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  1. The Mirage F-1 Team works on several Mirage F-1 useful for ODS : - Mirage F-1EQ (different versions) - Mirage F-1CR - Mirage F1-CK and CK-2 - Mirage F-1EDA (if Qatar is included) All the projects are in a good way (only some weapons are missing).
  2. For my part, I created a backup of all the modified ini files. And when the game decide to reset itself, I just have to copy / paste my backup. It's the best solution I found...
  3. And desert camo... That's all folks
  4. Mirage F-1CT winter camo, over Sweden
  5. Thank you ! BTW, you're AH-64 seems great !
  6. Hello guys and Happy New Year ! I'm looking for Helo pilots pack, I looked into the download section but I didn't find anything. So any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Mirage F-1CH v1.1 is waiting for approval. See the readme for the complete changelog. Have fun.
  8. v1.1 uploaded, waiting for approval.
  9. I think you can find a GTX 1060 for around 300 € even less if you can wait for the january sales Added to 16GB of RAM, it could be a good compromise.
  10. Hello Coupi, What's your budget for your upgrade ? I recently increased my RAM to 16GB and changed my graphic card for a GTX 1070 and I don't regret my investment.
  11. Mirage F-1JA v1.2 is waiting for approval. What's new : - Reworked skin. - Upgraded avionics. - Upgraded data.ini and loadout.ini. - New Loadout image.
  12. V1.2 uploaded, waiting for approval. Enjoy
  13. The work is still progressing, now the last member of the Mirage F-1 family... The Mirage F1CT (my favorite camo) :

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