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Modding the tactical_display.dds

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This is not a skinning question, per se, so I thought I will post this question here.


Using my newly found "expertise" with Paint.net I have been attempting to modify the tactical_display.dds - this file, as expected, controls the TAC screen.


I have been using Paint.net to try and remove the "clock" numbers and the corresponding black hash marks next to them.


The tactical_display.dds is, apparently considered a layer by Paint.net and is in DXT3 format.


Anyway when I try and remove the numbers via "cutting" or "erasing" and then re-saving I get the "number shadows" or the holes I cut or erased in the layer showing the numbers still in-game.


Experimenting I tried to put another layer on top but, if this will work, I lack the knowledge to carry through.


Could any graphics pros give me a steer?

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Sounds to me like there is an alpha layer somewhere that needs to be edited. This is the layer that gives you "shine or depth", it is also used on the some of the plane models (like the Nieuport 17).



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That is one of my next projects - removing the windscreen from the N17 (Lewis).

I figure the knowledge gained modding the TAC screen .dds will assist with that project.

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