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Cant´t configure my Stick under win 7 64

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Before i install OFF BHaH on my new system ( i 2500K - ATI -6970 8GB RAM) i read the installation - instructions well ! I do all as described. I start the game and make my graphic settings - choose a pilot - fly a first time - all well. But when i want to configure my axis and other joystick settings (Saitek Cyborg Evo), the game is frozen, i can only end it with the Task manager. After that i startet the a game second time i get in "Quick Combat Mode" and get this message:



I have mad two new installtion, every time the same result ! I´m dsad - myy lovely OFF !! :dntknw:


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Something you might find useful , . . anytime you do anything to OFF . . as the last step . . configure your Video card via the white panel in workshop


Anytime you are told to reinstall off . . .configure your video card . . .still NG . . .in Workshop is a button that states RESET OFF install . . it may help . . you WILL lose your pilots when you do it . . but a reinstall you're going to lose your pilots anyway . . . then configure your video card again and pray


Thx Uncleal !


meanwhile i wrote to support, and get this answer:


Firstly thanks for supporting us glad you enjoy OFF normally.

Can you try DELETING the assignment first, then ADD for each ?

Let me know.

Don't forget to save as "Mine" after. Also might be worth saving it regularly just in case you make many changes.


On the error message on the second launch of CFS3 - this is because CFS3 is still in memory somewhere, even after ending cfs3.exe in task manager it does not do it correctly.

You need to restart the PC after CFS3.exe freezes, or you can use a program like "pskill.exe" with a command like pskill -t cfs3.exe



I did this- at frist time, it was same problem - at the second attempt suddenly all is fine, for any reason? By the way - it works !

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