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McDonnell Douglas/BAe Phantom FRS.1 - 300 Squadron, Indian Naval Air Squadron


The retirement of HMS Ark Royal (R07) in 1978 saw immediate interest from the Indian Government with offers made for both the carrier and its Buccaneer, Phantom and Gannet aircraft. However, the RAF insisted on the previously proposed plans to transfer the Buccaneers and Phantoms to RAF Germany and RAF Strike Command respectively but eventually agreed to relinquish their claim on the Phantoms when the UK Labour Government agreed to purchase 36 F-15C and 8 F-15D aircraft for RAF Germany thus allowing the redundant FGR.2's to bolster the UK-based interceptor.


Whilst refurbishment of the Ark Royal took place at Devonport during 1979 and 1980 a total of 26 ex-Royal Navy Phantoms were refurbished by British Aerospace at Brough emerging as the Phantom FRS.51 with several enforced changes to satisfy the conditions of an export licence reluctantly granted by the Department of Defence. Entering service in 1982 the Phantom FRS.51 served with No.300 Squadron of the Indian Naval Air Service and served for 20 years.













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What kind of missiles do they carry?


For my Indonesian Tu-22 'Blinder' interceptor I created a 'Golok' missile using the stock Sa-8 'Gecko' with the data.ini of the AIM-7D (early Sparrow). Fits the Phantom like a glove!




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