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Hi all!! I am back onto SF2, hoping to get into it.


I read the topic about the mods folder, and I think I get it. The only confusing thing was that it said to put mods into the "mods" folders, but then in the last paragraph it says put them into your sf2 folders? Can someone clear this up for me? I would like to start little, skins and such, and am just a little confused.


Thank you for the help!



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any mods go into (ahem)



the decals need to go into a similar folder but decals instead of aircraft.

also no need to update the {your aircraft} ini as far as the textures unless you want a certain skin to be the primary. then you merely plug that in as textureset001.

also do make sure all skins names match up in all ini's or you will be seeing a white aircraft til you find the mismatch. ESPESCIALLY the same for your decals and folders!

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no problemo glad to help. just always double check folder names/ filepaths vs whats in your ini's. i'd say that will be 3/4 of any probs you have in Gen2 with skins/decals.

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