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Hey guys, as part of my "Super Airplanes" project, I'm converting my favorite old airplanes to new 5th Generation fighters. The thing is, I need to move the Crusader J's pylons outwards towards the middle of the wings, so that the triple AGM's do not clip with the Y-pylon missiles. Either that, OR move the Y-pylons forward. Keep in mind...I hope its only some little tweaks in the attachment points in the .ini as I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about skinning and Modding....so....any help is appreciated! lol

p.s Just something Extra. I placed the A-7's cockpit in the Crusader...everything works fine...but when I choose the internal gun, the Crusader's sight comes up over the HUD...and I have no idea how to stop it..thank in advance!drinks.gif

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you attempting the impossible, in regards to the pylons. They're part of the aircraft model (ie: the LOD), and aren't moveable outside 3dMax.


How about trying this line on the relevant hardpoints (as seen on the Scooters:)




you'll only have 4, but it's better than massive clipping issues


as to the gunsight, are you referencing BOTH the Corsairs cockpit and avoinics inis??

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