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Museum for Traffic and Technology, Berlin, visited

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You often don't know many things in your town, which others make journeys for, to see them.

The Museum für Verkehr und Technik in Berlin is such an example. I live in Berlin since the

seventies, but had never visited it before.

Yesterday, I changed that and had a first walk through with a friend and his daughter.


There is so much to see - from the first boats and ships over steam engines to aviation.

I frankly admit, that I got dizzy and foot-lame after 3 hours.

I didn't take many pics, as it was 1. forbidden, and 2. the light in most rooms was so dim that

I had to use flash light, and that doesn't look too good. But here are some pics:




My headline is meant for the aircraft and the missiles, or the Parabellum - but not for the bombs

or the "Fliegerpfeile", which are weapons I don't find beautiful at all - not even appaling beautiful.

"Fliegerpfeile" (aviator darts) were little steel darts, which the observer/gunner could drop on the

troops in the trenches. They fell with increasing speed, and they could even penetrate helmets.

They would go right through the person hit - from the head through the body. A very nasty idea.


In the missile section I was surprised to see several rockets and missiles I had never heard of.

There hadn't only been the V1 and V2, or the Bachem "Natter" - here were also three variants

of the AA missile "Rheintochter", which I had never seen before; and several other projects,

like an anti-ship rocket, which was controlled via wire(!) from a Heinkel He111 per joystick (!).

Read more here:





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That sounds like a real good day there Olham. I love to visit museums (particularly military) but my wife could care less and the kids are a bit too young to appreciate them so unless I get "a day off" this interest of mine will be on hold for a few years. In particular I have visited the West Point Museum many times. It is in the United States (New York) on the Hudson River where they train all the best future U.S. military commanders and it never ceases to disappoint.



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Oh yeah, I bet I could get lost in there, Shiloh!

Ever been to the Smithsonian too? They have a Dornier "Pfeil",

which has been completely restored in Germany and then got sent back.

And an Albatros D.V. And, and, and...

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When I was making the Vollmoeller Monoplane for FMS, a member of the German RC simming forum I was on informed me that a certain German museum had the remains of the original in it's collection and he sent some images. I'm trying to recall the name of the museum .. Ah it's actually in the Munich Deutsche Museum.



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