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  1. DiD I mention I'm excited about this Olham?
  2. Anyone Heard From Typhoon?

    All my positive energy and thoughts are coming your way Tony.
  3. Some of my friends I do Civil War reenacting with joined a British regiment and they meet twice a year at this site in Pennsylvania. They said it was awesome and I'm considering joining them next year. http://www.great-war-assoc.org/index.html ABOUT THE GWA The GWA strives to keep alive the history of the Great War, and honor those who fought it's battles, through battle reenactments and educational events. Our membership recreates many of the sights and sounds of the 20th Century's most significant conflict. In addition to various special events around the country, the GWA owns the Caesar Krauss Great War Memorial Site near Newville, PA. Here, on a 100 acre sight in south-central Pennsylvania, we have authentically recreated a portion of the Western Front as it may have appeared circa 1917-1918. Our battle reenactments take place within systems of opposing trenches complete with a crater-pocked No-Man's Land. There are belts of barbed wire, used to protect the sandbagged front line trenches, and the opposing positions are punctuated by bunkers with functioning machine-guns. Behind the main lines are supporting and communication trenches, connected to underground dugouts, where officers plan operations and the common soldiers eat and rest. From the moment you arrive at an event you will be submerged in the Great War. From the clothing you wear, to the food you eat, to the trenches you fight in - nothing is out of place! World War One reenacting is truly, "The Reenactor's Reenactment!" From history to practice, the Great War Association strives for the elite authenticity standards
  4. Sure thing fellas and it's good to see you still hanging around the mess.
  5. This article is about 10 months old so I'm not sure if anybody has seen it but it's a very interesting read and may solve the mystery of a missing RNAS pilot. http://www.atoz-guides.com/wreckage-of-a-first-world-war-plane-found-on-thassos/
  6. WOFF Verdun Map Completed

    You're the best Lou! Now if I can only find a way to stop shredding the wings off Nieups. I'll be in business.
  7. WOFF Verdun Map Completed

    I've been QC training on the Nieuport 28's in anticipation of joining the 27th, 94th or 95th squadrons in the Toul area (and just west - forget the name of the aerodrome) and look forward to using this map. A bit of the map to the south gets cut off by that square of white with the miles/kilometers scale. I don't want to create more work for you Lou by any means but is there detail under that area or is it incomplete?
  8. WOFF Verdun Map Completed

    Well done Lou. I used the first map for my ESC 48 campaign and it served me well. This map is even better...thanks for your hard work.
  9. I got cocky :-(

    I likely would have never survived that war as a pilot....I'm too aggressive. It is impossible however to project one self into the actual conflict so one can't say for sure how they would fight. For example, French pilots may have been aggressive just by the fact that they were fighting on their own soil and their families may have been in harms way. I guess what I'm trying to say is aggressive or even cocky is not always bad. Some guys fought that way and they survived to live beyond the war. It just becomes less likely the more chances that are taken.
  10. Good stuff Royce. When you see that Mobo screen quickly appear on boot up it will often say which key to use for BIOS.
  11. I'm not sure Duke. First I started slowly lowering different settings and the graphics quality was getting pretty bad so I tried raising some stuff up to see what that would do and I came to this. My rationale was that the bullet holes may take more rendering power and tax the processor a bit more rather than a smooth skin although I'm not sure I'm correct in my thinking. Thanks for sharing your settings and your experiences on optimizing a less than optimal system. I have never OC'd before now Royce so I don't know too much about it. I Google-searched, read some articles and watched some videos than rolled up my sleeves and had at it. From what I learned it is best to OC through the BIOS settings. On bootup, when I see the Motherboard load screen I hit the 'delete' key and that gets me into BIOS. Mine is an older BIOS setup so from the main menu I go to Cell Menu>Adjust CPU FSB Frequency>then change that number from the default of 200 up to 230. Next ESC out to main BIOS screen and save settings. This OC'd my processor from 3.0 GHz to 3.5 GHz. I tried numbers larger than 230 first but when my computer was acting up, wouldn't reboot and/or became unstable I kept lowering that number until my system stabilized. The idea is maximum performance while still operating a stable system. One must keep an eye out for the CPU temps to make sure that the OC doesn't overheat your CPU. There are some videos I found on youtube that show how to update the BIOS settings on a newer BIOS. Please do some of your own research before attempting this as there are risks to your system and I don't want to be responsible for pointing you in the wrong direction or providing bad information as I really am inexperienced with this. I have however been able to find a happy medium between CPU performance and stable system that has accepted this OC and I believe this is a significant key to allowing me to play WOFF at a smoother level.
  12. Thanks Lou. I've been testing like crazy and I finally have my rig stable. The 10 vs. 10 fights in QC have gone smoothly with only occasional hitches here and there - typically when all 20 craft or so initially join together on the screen. It has taken a week but finally I can start a serious campaign pilot (RFC 74 flying SE5a's) and enjoy the thrilling and often terrifying skies Over Flanders Fields.
  13. WOFF Verdun Map Completed

    Are you able to include the fences? :)
  14. WOFF Verdun Map Completed

    Awesome Lou! I will have to start a campaign in this area just so I can enjoy this map. When you fly with maps Lou, do you disregard the need to hit waypoints?

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