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Yak-15 for SF2 Series

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Yak-15 for SF2 Series

Hi, this is my very first upload to CA, i just put things together and made it to work in SF2 standard, almost everything has been made to put it in the respective mod folders, if you are prompted to overwrite, please do so, the only part you need to work with, goes to the Soundlist.ini which you need to extract and place it in the flight folder, and add the following lines:


SoundFileXXX=NS23................ XXX standing as the next number in the sounds sequence.












ConeOutsideVolume=0..............this goes at the very bottom

of the sounds list.


This mod is uploaded using the Freeware Licensing Terms by the Forum, but i want to thank to the following individuals:


-Pasko for an outstanding aircraft model.

-Kesslebrut for his cockpit and Yak-3 ini file.

-Also Charles for a tweak to the cockpit.ini file that placed the cockpit in the proper position.

-Wrench, for the Russian pilot, very suitable for this plane!

-pcpilot, for the tweaks and skins made.


I hope you enjoy this mod and if you have any questions, don´t doubt to ask me here in the forum, or via PM.


Enoc Marquez AKA FLOGGER23.




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