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[Fictional] Lockheed Martin F-35E "Lobo"

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[Fictional] Lockheed Martin F-35E "Lobo"

[Fictional] F-35E Lobo (Wolf)


This is a mod of FastCargos F-35B to make it look like a plane from the spanish navy air arm.



After having taken the F-14B "Lion" out of active service, the 8th and 9th escuadrilla from the Armada received the AV-8S and the TAV-8S. The arrival of the new spanish aircraft carrier "Principe de Asturias" made it necessary to have planes with jumpjet capabilities, which the "Lion" did not have.


With a unique offer from Lockheed Martin for the F-35 Lightning II, the Armada decided to replace the Matadors from the 8th escuadrilla with the F-35B, which had VSTOL-Capabilities.


Although the plane was called Lobo, which is a land-based predator, this name refers to the Seawolf. But seawolf would be lobo marino in spanish and aircraft do not have two part names.




Simply drop the Folders into your Strike Fighters Mods Folder.




Thanks to FastCargo and all other people involved in the creation of this plane.






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