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Boeing Chinook RAF HC.5

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Boeing Chinook RAF HC.5

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This is not actually a HC.5 Chinook, but a standard base model Chinook. It's the only one we have in SF2 so it will have to do.


A programme to upgrade 46 Chinook HC2, HC2A and HC3 helicopters was initiated in December 2008. Called Project Julius, it includes new digital flight deck avionics based on the Thales TopDeck avionics suite, comprising new multifunction displays, a digital moving map display and an electronic flight bag, installation of a nose-mounted FLIR detector, and upgrading the engines to the more powerful T55-714 standard. Upgraded HC2, HC2A and HC3 aircraft will be redesignated HC4, HC4A and HC5 respectively, and deliveries are expected to commence in 2011. The first conversion, a Chinook HC4, first flew on 9 December 2010.


Like the Hawks, she is relatively easy to fly on "normal" mode, which SF helicopters are tuned for. You can hover, fly backwards and sideways, ascend verticaly etc. It takes some practice and skill but is definately doable. Pinnacle landings are hard but can be done. You get what you put in, so if you practice you will be rewarded.


She is armed with a pair of player operated 7.62mm L7A2 MMG's.


SAS Troopers can be deployed from the rear of the bird. A nice feature is that they will "run" down the ramp and deploy onto the ground (using a "crater" effect). Be careful when selecting the SAS to deploy as many of the HC.5's parts are "fake" weapons and therefore can be "fired". SAS Troopers are used as IIRC they are the only British Forces that use the M4 Carbine.


The bird has a full set of lights, including landing lights and a searchlight which are activated/deactivated by the "G" landing gear key.


Included are two real Chinook wav files, you can pick which one you like. Listen to them IN GAME, as the game plays them correctly whereas the likes of Windows Media Player does not.


Another nice effect is that if your bird is destroyed a nice Chinook wreck will be your funeral pyre!




Place the ChinookHC5 folder into your Aircraft folder.

Place the CH-47EA-Dam.bmp and MH-47G-Destroyed.LOD into your Aircraft folder.


Place the HC5Tank, HC5Winch, L7A2, RAFHeloGunner and SAS folders into your Weapons folder.


Place the 47Cargo, 47S, 47W2, HC5A, HC5A2, HC5CM, HC5F, HC5FLIR, HC5J, HC5M, HC5M2, HC5P, HC5RN, RAFHelopilot1 and RAFHelopilot2 folders into your Pilots folder.


Place the Chinook and Chinook4 wav files into your Sounds folder.


Place the two TADS files and the Loading wav file in your Flight folder.


And finally, place the contents of the Object folder (SASCrater001, UKForces and Wreckobject.ini) into your main Objects folder. These are the "craters" that will show the Troopers on the ground once deployed. NOTE: The new "crater" is WreckType009, if you already have a WreckType with this number, just paste mine in and rename them as required.


You will need to copy over the CH-147-R0g.LOD from the A-Team Chinook mod. If you do not already have it, get it from the A-Team Skunkworks site.


CREDITS (a LONG list of contributors):


A-Team for Chinook Mod. Note my skin is best possible with current model limitations. It is a generic RAF HC.5 Chinook.


Dave "Zur" Zurawski for the glass "Top Deck" cockpit. Thanks Dave for the permission.


My good friend Florian "AmokFloo" Schneider for the new SAS Trooper model and freight palette. Thanks buddy!


Thanks also to the following:


The BANIDOS TEAM for the most excellent damaged Chinook.


Kevin "Wrench" Stein for Hangar/Loading Screens I used as a base.


Daniel "Kesselbrut" Himmel for Helo Pilots and Helo Gunner on which I based the RAF pilots and gunner.


Dels for the C-130J tanks.


Ravenclaw_007 for the flare/chaff launchers.


Dmtdragon for the flare/chaff positions etc.


Tracker for the GRUA_Alouette.


331KillerBee for the L7A2 MMG, Ac-123K CBU, A4Q antenna, Flashbox, Mk7 Depth charge, LAU-32, and XM-8.


Anyone else I have missed, apologies.


Thanks to all.


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