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Needed: New Flight Model

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a new, SF2-compliant flight model is needed for Wolf's P-47D 'bubbletop' Jug. Yes, we know the model is old; Yes we know it lacks moving control surfaces/flaps/other goodies. But still...


That way, I can finish off the Latin American AF skins.... (and update the FAB WW2 version, too)!!


Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .....................


many thanks in advance, even if, well, ya know..



kevin stein

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this is seriously messed up....THIS is one the reasons I wanted to get ahold of Wolf, and try and obtain his MAX files.


Now that I have a fairlly workalbe/worthwhile FM, THIS issue crops up (see screenie below). Apparently, from Day 1 of their release, the pylons are all unmapped. I double/tripple checked with the panel finder, repainted/filled all the 'empty' areas on both skin bmps, and you can see the result below.


The black is how SF2 reads untextured material on the LOD. Also, for some stupid reason, they're not taking a decal to cover it.


I'm at a total f***ing loss as to what to do ... spent 3 days on the FM and skin issues;


THIS IS WHY WE NEED THE ORIGINAL MAX FILEs!!! Otherwise, we need a 3d Guy to build and skin us a completly new aircraft. That means all the existing skins go right down the tubes. Fortunately, all the decals can be reused.

But still.....


I'm so frakking pissed....

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Well if you eventually can't find the Max file, how about covering those with the fakepilot method?

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