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Why do I see ace skins, when using HPW's FM mods?

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I don't know the answer, why I get the ace skins, but I can describe, what I did.


After activating the mods, I got two error messages.

When I ignored those and went on to the "Briefing" menue, I got a mission with an idiotic flight path (to Wales).

So I didn't use it, but I pressed "Advance time" instead.

The next mission I got was looking normal, and so pressed "Go to field".

There I found the ace skins were used.

Now I guessed, that the mods might not work, but I'm pretty sure they did, cause

I have flown the Albatros D.V a lot recently, and now it felt really different.

It seemed was quite a bit heavier in the controls, but appeared somehow stronger.

(I have yet to take her to high altitudes to see, how she is there).

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They were from OFF or CFS3.

Unfortunately, I didn't make a screenshot. But perhaps I can provoke them to happen again.

Would you like to see them?

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It's weird - I made several attempts to provoke the "Error Messages" again, but they didn't come anymore.


First I tried to remove the mods, started the sim, went into the briefing, left the sim again,

activated the mods, and restarted the sim. I got normal briefings/flight paths now, and no messages.


The I removed the mods, re-started Windows, and then repeated the above.

But nothing. It just works now. Sorry - I wish I had made a screen print.

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Herr Prop-Wasche, I just had this idea:

What would happen, if one would move all the ace skins into the MODS folder and activate them there?



Edited by Olham

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Nope - I don't have your problems, guys - for me it is working fine, without all that circumstance.



By the way - your FM for the D.V is great. She is heavier in the controls, but also feels stronger.

Next I'll test her at high altitude.

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