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Official 1.2 Patch Released for Wings of War

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In case you didn't know. :)


This patch updates the retail version of Wings of War to v1.2.


New Features


- New singleplayer/multiplayer arena Jutland added. (full game only)

- More realistic water reflection.

- Red health pickup now repairs to 100%, not just partially.

- Bonuses are fully disabled instead of just hiding the markers.

- Disabling of markers disables target-hit-locking (manual lock is still possible).

- "Classic" mode speed vanishing improved.

- [F10] toggles displaying of score to altitute & speed.

- AI gunners activated in instant action - in hard difficulty only.


New Features Multi-Player


- New mode "Bombing run" - Player can harvest bombs for attacking and rockets for defending against enemy aircraft. (only one or other type of ammunition can be carried at a time). (full game only)

- New "Hangar" multiplayer game mode. (full game only)

- #rockets=0 to disable rocket bonuses (except "Bombing run" main base rocket storage).

- #bonuses=0 to disable all bonuses.

- Disabling of bonuses is controlled by server.

- #names=0 to disable displaying of pilot names.

- #kick on clients option added.

- Detection of modified game.

- Improved color differentiation in multiplayer messages.




- Plane controls animation in hangar.

- Scrolling in long list of servers.

- Backspace/delete keys in text input.

- Empty name of server in profile that was created but never used.

- Non-active hidden bonuses were visible on map.

- Rare crash while MP voting.


Get it here: WoW Patch at 3d Gamers


It is recommended you install this over a fresh copy of Wings of War.

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