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So yeah, I just spent the last, oh, 5 hours or so relearning how to fight in the air again :biggrin: Man, this game rocks!!! It's been a few years since I've flown a combat sim, so I had to relearn everything. After playing MOH for a year or more, I'm ready to go back to flying.


I remember that back in CFS, in my prime, I was able to take on at least 3 or 4 waves of 9 Ace axis fighters. I just spent 5 hours trying to beat 1 Normal/Experienced PF Fighter :biggrin: And it was great! I'm glad to say that I think I put up a hell of a fight the whole way around. I was flying and fighting a F4U-C in a 1vs1 showdown. Even at Experienced, he was only able to knock me down 4 or 5 times. I think I only ever got 1 actual, deserved kill on him, and unfortunetly, I forgot to save the track :( Though I did beat him more than that, I don't think I deserved some of them, because some of them the AI just starting straight and level once I got on his tail. Oh well, the target practice was good ;) Most of the other matches ended up in collisions, me pushing the eject button on accident :rolleyes:


All in all, I see a huge potential in this game. I'm running this game on a lower end laptop (Centrino 1.4, 512 PC333 RAM, integrated video), and I have a lot of fairly high settings with smooth frame rates. I don't know about multiplayer yet, but so far I am very happy with this game.



Mister Pilot Man :pilot:

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Man PG, sounds like you do the same thing I do. I battle aces a LOT in quick battles and love it. Ill do one on one and sometimes setup 16 vs 16. My big challenge right now is fighting against an ace I-185 while Im in an LA-7. I can outspeed and outclimb him, but he can turn inside me. What a hoot. The ai has shot me down so far at a 3 to 1 ratio, lol.


Here's a couple quick battle for you...


1st one; set it up you in 16 P-38's, any version, against 8 ME-110's and 8 ME-109Z's. I call it my twin engine fight.


2nd one: set up you in 16 I-153's against P-11's or Italion G-50's or Gladiators or any combo thereof. Its my bi-wing shootout. Do it at low altitude.


IL2FB is a blast! I got another day or so and Ill get PF; cant wait. Got a campaign to build, hehe.

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Hey Rap,

Have you read Fighter Combat by Robert Shaw? It's a must read and it helped me out alot back in the mid 90's when I used to play Air Warrior all the time. Alot of times I go against the tactics that the book says and I get my butt kicked. I probably should re-read it, or quit drinking :blink: .


Fork-tailed devils vs. 109z's and 110's? I fought against a friend of mine that knew my preference towards the 109 and he chose a P-38 in AW. He kicked my butt a few times. 110 is no contest. Gonna try it out as pcpilot suggested and see if I can do better this time with an inferior A/C.



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