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Does anyone know if there is an O-1 birddog available as a placable ground object for terrains. I need an O-1, O-2 or OV-10 for a small FAC dirtdtrip i'm building for Vietnam. Alternatively does anyone know if you can specify an aircraft type in the airfield.ini for parking?


I did attempt to convert the aircraft itself into a ground object but it didn't render correctly in the game, it appeard level, (not at the angle it would be if it was on its wheels) and half sunk into the ground.


Any help appreciated, cheers.

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you'd need purpose-built lods for those, to be used as a 'terrain object', and placed via targets ini edits.

(like the 'static aircraft on the WW2 terrains)


stock aircraft models, when used that way always sink, due to their 0/0 world point being centered with gear extended

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