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Black screen problem.

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You've probably heard it like 100000 times, but when I try to start the simulator, I hear the music and my screen turns black.

I just can't find the solution.

I tried the -nomovie thing, deleted the movies, fixed the ffdshow and nothing works!

I really hope you can help me guys.


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Could still be a codec though - doesnt have to be K-Lite - assume you looked at this??



I hear the Intro video music, but no movie shows. Sometimes I also can not get into the User Interface - the parachute icon shows, but I need to press CTRL+ALT+DEL to close the program. What is wrong?

You might have installed a 3rd party video codec packages. They can cause all possible issues and problems. For example, the K-Lite video codec package is known to cause problems with Falcon 4.0 Allied Force. If you have this installed, do the following:

Open Klite Codec pack > Configuration > Fddshow > Video decoder configuration and change the MP42 format entry to disabled by clicking on libavcodec.

As a result the standard MS codec will play the AVI movies and FDDshow is not used for this type. Falcon will run fine with movies then.





Also try changing graphics card drivers and seeing if your monitor needs drivers also.


If you are on Win 7 or Vista run it as admin via the compatibility tab - Ideally install it outside of program files - in fact might be best to just patch it to 1.013 if you have not done so.

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There is no K-lite on my computer

I'm using windows XP.


Yes thats why I put it doesnt have to be the klite codec causing the problem - another codec or media player could be screwing things up.


Can you switch off Anti aliasing from your graphics card settings - you are using a Geforce card yes?


Right and you created a NEW shortcut to put the -nomovie switch into yes?


Did you patch it to 1.013?




what are your system specs - can you do a DXdiag from run and see if it brings up any errors?

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That should run it - did you manage to switch off AA? or do you not understand what I mean?


Also is that a Geforce 8600 or similar?

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Right click on the desktop select properties -> Settings Tab -> Advanced button

then select the NVIDIA tab


If there isnt one then look in the control panel for an NVIDIA control panel



Instructions for switching AA off will be on NVIDIAs web site I expect if you cant work it out - no idea what type of card you have so cant help in that regards - all this is listed in the dxdiag output you did - including the driver version you are using.

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