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i just made some test flights and pulled up a bit to late , i hit the ground and and was able to glimb up again . as i checkt the aircraft i noticed something weird the outer pylon on the right wing was gone and the weapon moved from this pylon to the outer left pylon :blink: i was still able to use the weapon :grin:

i try this several times and i got always the same result , when i try this with an stock aircraft i could not get this result :dntknw:


anybody an idea how to fix this , i realy dont like to complain but if a pylon is gone the weapon on it should be gone to :lol:


pylon gone



weapon on the other side


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i thought it may have with the collision- and expansion-points to do , but no i´m even getting sometimes that the weapon appears on a position where is no weapons-station :blink:



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Thinking about this issue again, I remember to have observed it some time ago.. I think its somehow related

to the moving pylon entries for the folding wing

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