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  1. i need some help with the Matra Type 116M and Matra Type 116MA , does anybody have some pictures of this rocket pods ?? especially of the Matra Type 116MA , for this one i only have a drawing i found some info that all 3 type 116 rocket pods where used by the RAF this is supposed to be a Matra Type 116M , no pylon and open rear cover with a electrical connector and tis is a drawing of a Matra Type 116MA , no pylon and open rear cover with a electrical connector and on the left side a cover for the intervalometer i found this pictures showing a type 116 pod on a RAF Canberra and this showing a Matra Type 116MA on a RAF Harrier to my surprise the USMC uses the same Matra pod on there Harriers i keep searching for better pictures , if someone has some good pictures please send them to me
  2. i made some Matra 68mm rocket launchers i post them here so you can BETA test them includet are - Matra JL-100 - Matra JL-100_Twin - Matra 116M - Matra 116M_GAF - Matra 155 - Matra 155 Twin - Matra 155 green - Matra 155 Twin green - Matra LRF1 - Matra LRF2 - Matra LRF4 - SNEB 68mm F25 - data and loadout ini for Lightning53 - loadout ini for Buccaneer - modified MK5 ejection seat (for use in Mirage F1 and Lightning53) 68mm Rocket Launchers.7z PLEASE delet or remove all existing weapon folders with the same name , the Matra_Typ155 is no longer neede so you can remove it to ( it will be replaced by the Matra-155) as for the Mirage F1 i change the RocketBoresightAngle from -3 to 2 in the data.ini this way you can aim with the gunsight an hit some targets ( this data.ini is not includet ) Matra JL-100 Matra JL-100 Twin , for Lightning F53 ONLY Matra 155 Matra 155 green Matra 155 Twin , for F-4M Matra 155 Twin green , for F4M Matra LRF1 Matra LRF2 Matra LRF4 SNEB 68mm please let me know if you find any errors or if you have any suggestions , this weapons will be part in a future Weaponspack3 but i´m running out of time for testing so i hope someone could do it for me , PLEASE
  3. new model of the Matra Type 116 rocket launcher
  4. i´m back to working on the Weaponspck 3 , includet are some already released weapons with some minor changes to it and a lot of new weapons - - GBU-38(V)1 - - GBU-38(V)3 - - GBU-38N - - GBU-54(V)1 - - GBU-54(V)3 - - GBU-54N - AFDS (DWS-39) - BLG-66 EG ( AT / AP ) - BLG-66 AC ( AT ) - BLG-66 IZ ( for airfield / runway ) - GBU-8 and many more
  5. check the Buccaneer it has the Bomb Bay Fuel Tank and the Bulged Bomb Bay Door Fuel Tank and yes they work [BBFT] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=10 StationGroupID=5 StationType=INTERNAL AttachmentPosition=0.0,-0.67,-1.06 AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,180.0 LoadLimit=4800 AllowedWeaponClass=FT AttachmentType=UK,RAF SpecificStationCode=BucCFFT BombBayAnimationID=3 BombBayOpenTime=1.0 BombBayCloseTime=1.0 ModelNodeName=BBRails MovingPylon=TRUE RotatingPylon=TRUE AutomaticDoors=FALSE MinExtentPosition=-1.00, -6.40,-1.41 MaxExtentPosition= 1.00, 0.46, 0.42 FuelTankName=BucCFFT NoJettisionTank=TRUE [Bulged_BBD] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=30 StationGroupID=6 StationType=SEMI_RECESSED AttachmentPosition=0.0,0.0,0.0 AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0 LoadLimit=1020.6 AllowedWeaponClass=FT AttachmentType=UK,RAF SpecificStationCode=BucBBBD ModelNodeName=BombayFT FuelTankName=BucBBBD NoJettisionTank=TRUE
  6. the F-16 cockpits for the team viper are made by me , i can add legs but the one i have is from my RF-4E and showing the wrong flightsuit and boots for a F-16, i search textures but they are not working with the legs i have , if you have a better model with the correct flightsuit i can add them in no time the problem with the arm and hands of the pilot is to get a realy good and detail model , i dont have it , Florian try this with his pilot figure , so the only way is to make a new hig detail pilot figure or to buy a pilot figure but i dont have 200 euros just for pilot figure so you can see arm and hands in the cockpit
  7. F-4F TV display

    if you use the F-4F made by me you have to fly with the F-4F_80 to have the AGM-65 working , the early F-4F did not have the AGM-65 they just used bombs and rocket pods i just check the F-4F_80 and it is working with out any problem
  8. first i like to know from who did you get the 3ds max file of the F-16C Blk50 / 52 Series , or do you try to import the lod file to 3ds max , this would not work
  9. i´m not sure if i have released this Swedish Weapons and if yes with wich pack , so here you can have it ( ECM Pods are not includet ) The M55_Akankapsel is a 30mm gun pod The M71_Bomblavett is a MER bomb rack for 4 bombs Swedish Weapons.7z
  10. this pod is part of some Swedish weapons i made for the Viggen an Draken here you can get it Raketkapsel M70.7z
  11. i just finished new SNEB 68 mm Rockets , from the top HE , AT , FRAG , Flechette SNEB 100 mm Rockets are next
  12. Buccaneer Mk50 SAAF for SF2

    Version vers1.2


    Buccaneer Mk50 SAAF for SF2 includet -------- Buccaneer Mk50_1965 without refuelprobe - optional lods with refuelprobe are includet Buccaneer Mk50_1980 with Chaff/Flare dispenser and refuelprobe Buccaneer Mk50 Cockpit SAAF Weapons Mk6 Ejection Seat Effects the optional lod´s with refuelprobe for the Mk50_1965 are includet because based on the mission this probe could be mounted , so it is up to you wich lod´s you like to use , mostly the Mk50 in the early years was flying without the probe Funktions ---------- - strg+0 = canopy open close - strg+9 = nose and wing-fold - Thrustvector controll = RATO´s on/off the RATO you have to manualy start and stop with your Thrustvector controll if you forget to stop or use the ratos infligth you may soon run out of fuel Installation ------------ for instalations please read the README Note ---- this are high poly models with high-res skins Credits: -------- - original Model by Russouk2004 - Skins and decals by Paulopanz - Loading and Hangar screens by Soulman and Gustav - FM rework by Kreelin,Spillone104,Baffmeister,Cliff11 - Missions by Pureblue and Paulopanz - some weapons in this pack are from Mirage Factory - testcrew ,Dave,Soulman,Crusader,Florian,Slartibartfast,Paulopanz, Baffmeister,76.IAPBlackbird,Hgbn,Pureblue,Thetestpilot,Kelsh002,Cliff11 - 3D work,templates,Skins,weapon´s and cockpit´s by - ravenclaw_007 i hope i did not forget anybody ----------------------------------------------- vers 1.2 CHANGES from 10.oct.2011 ---------------------------------- - working/rotating Bulged bombbay door - BombBay Fuel Tank added - max fuel load for SAAF BUccaneer now 25900lbs - typo error on AOA Indicator fixed have fun ravenclaw_007
  13. based on the few pictures i have of the Type 100-4 is this what i could do , no warranty that i got the details right though , the rockets will be next
  14. i fond some pictures showing the Type 100-4 from the rear
  15. my problem with the Thomson Type 100-4 and 100-6 are that i dont have any pictures from the rear , what makes it very difficult to finish them from the Type 100-4 i do have some pictures but non from the rear , the 3ds max model looks like this now if somewone cult help me with pictures of the 2 rocket pods that would help me a lot , especialy from the rear
  16. here they are still in work , dont know if anybody has made them before
  17. the Matra Type 116 model pictures above are wrong the correct launcher looks like this ( and is in work ) , i removed the wrong pictures , the weapons you have to delete your self a correct model is in work my problem especially with french weapons is that i have to rely on pictures , if this pictures are labeled wrong i get a problem like in the case of the MATRA Type 116 , it is not the first mistake i made with french weapons but i´m learning with each one
  18. Weaponspack 3

    i´m still working on the rocket pods , i may release them first because of the large file size of the Weapon Pack 3 , but it will still take some time
  19. now you see it , now you don't
  20. F-4G from the 23rd TFS / 52nd TFW during Desert Storm , all squadron markings are removed / painted over
  21. AIM-9 missiles are carried on a missile rail , on launch the rocket motor ignite and the missile is guided on the missile rail , there is no free falling the same for the russian counterparts
  22. which heat seeking missile you are talking about ???
  23. most of you know that Sophocles is working on a new F-5A / RF-5A with a high detail cockpit and i work on the F-4G also with a new high detail cockpit , Sophocles is able to get the lod size to about 3,84 MB and lower , i have try to do the same but i dont get lower than 6,73 MB for the lod of the single piece winshield version an up to a max of 7,10 MB for the lod the F-4G_78 versions , the F-4G_85 cockpit has a lod sice of 6,83 MB and the F-4G_89 cockpit a lod sice of 6,84 MB as you can see that this lod sices are way above of cockpits we have right now in game , on the Buccaneer i had between 2,93 MB and 3,0 MB and on the F-16C i got the lod sice between 3,0 MB and 3,30 MB so nothing close to the 7,1 MB i have currently on the F-4G_78 cockpit , the problem is now that i found out that this new F-G aircraft with this large cockpits have problems on a specific terrain , the Anatolia terrain , i have 3 versions of this Anatolia terrain a version 0 that is a BETA file i got to test it than a version 1 this was the first released version and the version 2 that is the final version , on the final version i dont have to try my luck because even my F-4E model with TW cockpit is not flying there the only terrain version i can get my F-4G to fly is the version 0 i try to find out what exactly is the problem with this particular terrain an i notice that if the airfield you start on is near to a large city you dont even have to try your luck on terrain version 1 and 2 , i notice in air if i fly over mountain with tree´s up to the horizon i have no problem as soon as i get near to a city my FPS drops down up to 14 FPS if im over the city , so i think the problem is the tod files used for this citys , now i have the heavily moded Germany CE terrain from Rends i try my luck there but with not so high expetations knowing the result from my Anatolia terrains but i got surprised all my F-4G work on this terrain with out any problems now i have to make a desission and for this i need the help of the pilots who maby will fly my F-4G later on , all cockpits are done now but they dont have a ejection seat , my fear is if i add this seat model to the cockpit that this F-4G will no longer fly in a modded terrain , if i dont add the seat some people may ask me why i dont put a seat in that cockpit , i know that Sophocles is adding now different ejection Seats to his cockpits but Sophocles does not have my lod size problems an other think is that i was ask already if i make new cockpits for all other F-4´s out of this existing new ones , problem here is the same as with the seat the lod size my come up over 7,1 MB on some F-4E version i think Sophocles is with his beautiful new cockpits on a safe side , i´m not so sure with my F-4G cockpits , this is the problem if you try to get the cockpits as realistic as possible some info on the new F-4G cockpit compared to the F-4G_78 cockpit , F-4E_78 has 100 entrys for gauges , funktions and lights the F-4G cockpits have up to 226 entrys so let me know what you think about a possible ejection seat and the Anatolia terrain problem

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