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I changed my computer to a new one with Windows 7

i start with the cd ok

then i install NF1 to 4 + the 08 patch everything was ok


for some times everthing work well


but now WOE doesn't work at all


i start to reinstall completly the game


it starts well (video + start menu) but it's impossible to start a single mission or instant action - > CTD without message



i had some pb with directX (nothing with dxdiag.exe) during one reinstallation i reinstall direct X 11 and now with dxdiag


here is a copy of the diag



in the option menu on the main screen on" video files" (graphisme, second after gameplay and before sound)


there is nothing in the two first boxes "display" and "size"


in the options.ini i have













I'm not sure that's the real problem but i think there was something before in this to boxes


If someone can help thanks a lot !

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First Gen series uses DirectX 9. Go to Users/.....Thirdwire/ WOE. Find Options.ini file. Open with Wordpad. Scroll down to Graphic Options. Find: ForceDX9=FALSE...Change to TRUE. Save file.


It's just a guess,but try it.

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