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chkdsk on W7 startup deleted files ?

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On windows (7, 64) startup i got (for the first time since i setup this Win 7 system in 2009) a chkdsk initiation on two different partitions ("E:" & "I:") on two different physical drives. "I:" was freshly recovered from accidental deletion so it makes sense. But "E:" (where my thirdwire mods and 'workshop' are) is on a physical drive that i never had any issues with either the drive or the partitions nor it ever had been subjected to any possibly messy activity.


It looks though that , reading the report i attach, chkdsk deleted files from the so far flawless "E:". (And it appears they are all Thirdwire related files??) Most of the files i tried to find in "E:" from the chkdsk log are not in the drive. Using GetDataBack and other data recovery software didn't find them either ....


1. Do you know maybe a way to find out if files (and which ones exactly) were actually deleted from "E:" ? (unfortunately, i have no back up of this partition ...)

2. If they are deleted, do you know maybe a way to retrieve them ? ...



Note. Finding the log was another of the many Windows 7 pains. Locating wininit or chkdsk in Windows Event Viewer resulted in a log file containing about only 1/10 if not less of the actual chkdsk session activity .... Amongst various data recovery software tried was Recuva which ... revealed (as deleted if i understand correctly) the bootex.log file (the one that normally should be laying on the root of the partition offering direct access to what chkdsk has just done to the partition ...) and that file contained THE WHOLE list of files deleted .... plus some more information about the session.


Download Chkdsk Report (txt)



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