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IAI/Sukhoi Su-35I Akrab (Scorpion)

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After having had good experiences with the Shu'Al, the israeli MiG-29, the IDF sought another possiblity of obtaining the latest russian fighter aircraft as a multirole plane for it's squadrons.


Since the PAK-FA was not yet available and far too expensive, the minister of defense wanted a possibility of acquiring the Super Flanker. Representatives of the russian government and military assessors

went to Israel with some of the SU-35s to enable israeli pilots to test the plane. One light-headed pilot trying to perform the Pugachev Cobra almost led to the loss of one plane. The pilot got grounded.


Israel and Russia signed a contract for 48 Su-35 which had to be delivered to IAI for the proper modifications. The US saw this deal with some worries fearing of losing the first position as a supplier to the IDF.

Nevertheless the US got the possibility of having a closer look at the plane, since IAI needed some systems to be adapted to the silhouette of the plane.


The 105th and the 109th squadron got equipped with this plane which is supposed to enter service in 2012.


Awaiting permission for takeoff



Guarding the homeland



The Scorpion




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