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Testing a new SF-2 Tunnan full reskinned & upgraded pack I made just for fun this mission that will be included in the pack, take a preview look.


Four J-29B and two S-29C are going to engage a small rebel Katanga force.






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Looking good and especially about something not a lot of people know about :drinks:


From Wikipedia:


The Tunnan was the first Swedish jet aircraft to fight in combat. In 1961, five J 29Bs were stationed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for a UN peacekeeping mission (ONUC) organized as the F 22 Wing of the Swedish Air Force. It was reinforced by four J 29B and two S 29C (the photo reconnaissance version) in 1962. Most of the missions involved attacking ground targets with internal cannons as well as unguided rockets. No aircraft were lost in action despite large amounts of AAA Consensus of the crews and foreign observers was that the Tunnan's capabilities were exceptional (Their secessionist adversaries used a few Fouga Magister and other aircraft with relatively poor air combat capabilities.) The only aircraft lost was by a high-ranking officer who made a trial-run and crashed during an aborted takeoff. When ONUC was terminated in 1964, some of the Swedish aircraft were destroyed at their base, since they were no longer needed at home and the cost of taking them all back was deemed excessive.


In my incoming pack ALL UN planes with their proper serial numbers will be included.


Learning and replay history is one of the best things about our hobby, I think.


And sometimes I like to try something .... exotic.


(I have some Nigerian things in my bag, too).



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