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Tunnan Festival

J-29A, A-29B, J-29E, J-29F, S-29C


Quite a 'Tunnanpedia'.


Here You will find all Tunnans versions in one pack.


A plenty of silver, green, camo, austrian & UN skins.


You will need (as for my Vampire 50, Viggens and all other incoming Swedish mods) last squadron.ini to work.


A sample UN mission 'Kamina Dawn' is also included.


Spillone104 helped me in data.ini tweak and as usual

added proper sound (thank You my friend).




The model we have made by Phlerp is an 'F' with sawtoothwing, IRM rails, and afterburner


The 'E' was easy to make: same plane without rails and burner.


For the 'C' that had the new wing of 'E' & 'F' as an upgrade, all the guns and pylons except the tank ones were removed.



For 'A' and 'B' we changed the wing as much we can. We cannot full remove the sawtooth.


[i mailed Phlerp to finish the work making these types as stated in original readme.]


Waiting for him (I hope I will answer one of these days) we can use them in great Operation Isbjörn and enjoy.



Thank You all for Your interest in those little, great barrels (i.e. barilotti, vero Alex?)



Paulopanz :good:


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Woho! Tweaking time for the Campaign :P

Edited by JonathanRL

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Thank You my friends it's real pleasure to share my skins with You.


Long live Sweden!



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Excellent quality planes, I'm flying in the Swedish Campaign mod.


I like that you've done a nice cockpit as that's where we spend most of our time

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