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  1. Thanks for the help guys, unfortunately I haven't been able to get it to work in windowed:( A shame because older games like this really excel in multimonitor because the graphics are not too demanding. I DID manage to get SoftTH to run it though in multimonitor - BUT only be ForceDX9 in the ini, so the eye candy is not as much but I could live with that. However after flying, when going to the debrief menu it crashes and resets to 800x600 :( If it didn't crash at the debrief coming out of the flight view it would be fine. It looked so good to fly with the full panoramic view! I guess I could re-hack the ini files every time I click fly, but it's a pain.
  2. Hi All, I've purchased two extra monitors for the sides and I'm using them in DCS etc via editing config files and spanning the game across the windows. However I can't seem to make Strike Fighters run in Windowed mode. Does anyone know if there is a way to do it? Options.ini in my profile doesn't have any line about windowed OR fullscreen, maybe someone here knows something? Cheers
  3. Thanks Jonathan, I'll update mine soon looking forward to it. Anything that lets me fly the Tunnan some more is great ;)
  4. That's ok, makes sense. These are the awesome cockpits for the migs - see the files uploaded by comrad: http://combatace.com/files/file/12259-mig-21pfm-cockpit-newrar/ http://combatace.com/files/file/12052-mig-21um-cockpit-retexturedrar/ http://combatace.com/files/file/12338-mig-21mf-cockpit-fotoreal-new/ and new gunsight for the above: http://combatace.com/files/file/12356-gunsight-for-mig-21-mf/
  5. So we can fly Mig-21 for Finnish cool, will the Soviet be playable too? There are some great high resolution mig-21 cockpit repaints available you might ask if they can be included too. They might be in the SF1 section but I'm using them in SF2 Vietnam
  6. Has anyone slotted this into any of the campaigns? Can any history buffs recommend which campaign and unit would it be most historically accurate to replace in existing campaigns? I have a NATO Fighters install, and also a Mod folder setup for SF2/Israel/Exp1 I could use.
  7. Wrench yes its addictive, I stayed up late last night flight testing all the campaign mod aircraft and rating my favorites so I know which order to fly all the campaigns. I then modded my loading screens with High res photos and grabed sound and music mods from SF1. I might replace some cockpits some NATO fighters planes have cockpits low low resolution maybe from SF1 era that are not nice to use on a 2560 resolution screen. Lexx I think it can't be copied because DLC would be stored in Cat files although just a guess. Also DoctorQuest - note I don't use stock mod folders, all mine are with renamed exes. The DLC install still mangles them because it actually messes them when you first run the game it initializes again. So if it's only the AI planes that are affected, the list of corrections to do is not so bad really. I made a list of AI only planes from all the titles and it's quite small. Small compared to the number of flyables in something like NATO fighters lol.
  8. Wrench I don't think it was posted, you're the first I post the link. Good to know there's a knowledgeable article on it though thanks I'll read it tonight. Maybe I can learn how to change cockpits too
  9. Excellent quality planes, I'm flying in the Swedish Campaign mod. I like that you've done a nice cockpit as that's where we spend most of our time
  10. Thanks Mikey, Do you know the scope of what the installer does? Is it only the aircraft inis I have to save? Or does it also affect ground objects, terrain etc? I don't think I'll buy DLC anymore, I don't mind the money at all. It's just too much hassle when you have everything setup nicely and it gets messed up. Some of the mod content is so good it's worth as much as DLC anyway.
  11. I've setup 5 different mod folders, all finished with all the campaigns, aircraft, terrains and mods I like. However once I installed a DLC, it has removed some of the modded aircraft from the flyables list. Specifically installing DLC removed the cockpit and loadout lines from the Vampire ini among other things. I think I need to reinstall all my mods Objects folders after the DLC. Is there any other way to fix this easily? Does DLC really have to be this hard? Why does installing DLC have to mess with the ini files? Is TW considering an installation method that won't touch the mod folders?
  12. In the campaign data ini file Israel is friendly and Egypt is enemy, it should be the other way round being an Arab campaign Could that cause it?
  13. Hi, I'm trying to fly the Arab version with the Sea Fury. However the campaign always ends after 1 mission. If I lose the first mission lose the campaign. Win the first mission, win the campaign. Any ideas what's wrong? Thanks

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