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SF2 F-4 Loadouts

SF2 F-4 Loadout by malibu43



This package contains updated loadout.ini files for all the stock F-4's in the SF2 series. They are based off of real world loadouts from various conflicts (especially Vietnam), but are not 100% accurate. This is due to a few things:



1.Did not want to do anything that required editing aircraft's data.ini files. With all the patches and updating going on, it could turn into a nightmare to keep updated.


2.It uses mostly stock weapons (only one additional weapon is included). This pack is meant to be enjoyable in a stock install. I didn't want to require users to download all kinds of weapons or weapons packs. It's extra work and it also can make the mod harder to keep updated (see #1).


3.The loadouts may vary from real world examples to make them more useful in the fictional TW world. For example, CAS loadouts in Vietnam utilized munitions that were effective against groups of troops in the jungle (napalm, rockets, etc...). F-4's in SF2E or SF2 (or even stock SF2V for that matter) will be facing massive columns of enemy tanks advancing across open fields. Therefore, these loadouts are more likely to use CBU's, Rockeyes, and AGM-65's. Another good example is most of the stock USAF F-4's carrying ARM's for SEAD in these loadouts. That didn't happen in real life, but we don't have F-4G's so I let it go so that some form of effective SEAD still happens.


So, these loadouts will be usefull in an SF2 install that doesn't already have more accurate F-4 loadouts added. For example, I wouldn't use these in place of the F-4 loadouts in the SF2V A/G Exp Pack. Those loadouts have already been set up to be accurate for the specific conflict that pack is representing.


Some examples of the changes:

- Wing tanks and gun pods not used on USN F-4's

- USAF, IAF, UK, and German F-4's don't carry AIM-9's when A/G munitions are carried on that pylon

- USMC nation specific loadouts for F-4B's and J's. (with gun pods and zuni's)

- Triple LAU-3 loadouts for USMC F-4's. These are selectable via the mission editor.

- Gun pods not part of the default loadouts for F-4M before 1975.

- Additional strike loadouts for USAF and IAF F-4's that utilize asymetric loadouts with LGB's and Laser Pods. These are selectable via the mission editor.

- Additional loadouts for UK F-4's that include BL755's, 540lbGP bombs, and "triple Matra" rocket pod loadouts. These are selectable via the mission editor.

- etc...





1. Copy the contents of the Aircraft folder into the Aircraft folder in your SF2 Mod directory (if you don't know what that is, check the Knowledg Base section at combatace.com).


Note: If you don't have a merged install with all 6 titles, check you aircraft folder to see what F-4's are installed and only copy the corresponding folders from this .rar file. If you copy all of them, you won't have any issues, but it may be confusing to look in your aircraft folder and see aircraft that aren't actually installed.


2. Copy the contents of the Weapons folder into the Weapons folder in your SF2 Mod directory.


3. If you have the TW DLC F-4N or the 3rd party F-4S available at combatace, the "Optional" folder has loadouts for them as well.



Known issues:


- The "triple rocket pod" load outs for USMC and RAF F-4's load extra rocket pods on the sidewinder stations instead of a TER. This is a work around since loading rocket pods on a TER is not possible at this point without extension data.ini editing, and I didn't want to do that in the interest of keeping this mod simple.



- BL755, Matra155 by Ravenclaw_007

- LAU-10A3X by Killer Bee

- everyone else at CA that helped out with info on F-4 loadouts!





- Added 2x/3x rocket pod loadouts for USN, USMC, and RAF Phantoms



- added F-4M_80


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um... F-4G WW right here...




split/adjusted loadouts here:




near the bottom of the page


I guess I could have been more clear... When I said "we don't have an F-4G," I meant in the stock game.


Since these loadouts are meant to be compatible with otherwise stock installs, it makes more sense to leave the ARM's on the other F-4 models. Even if someone adds the F-4G, lots of the SEAD assignments in campaigns will still fall on the other F-4 variants. So, again, better to leave the ARM's in the loadouts.


Edited by malibu43

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