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Desert Terrain Movement Ini Fix-It Pak

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Desert Terrain Movement Ini Fix-It Pak

Desert Movements Ini Expansion

=For SF2, Any and All (with access to the Desert Terrain)


*Note: will even work in SFP1 Original, if the ini is saved back to ANSI*


So, you've made all the MiGs, Sukhois and other Red Birds ™ flyable...

So, you're playing on the Desert terrain, and want to go out and find some vehicle or ship convoys to shoot up...

So, you start the mission...

and find out YOU CAN'T!!!


Is that what's bothering you, bunkie???


Well, never fear! Stop your worrying!! Because this little 'fixit pak' will bring back the joys of flying the Red Side, on the Original SF2 Desert Terrain ™, by allowing you to do so!


Just for you, we've added 14 new Truck Routes for your Truck-Busting pleasure. And, at no extra cost to you -but at great expense to us-, 4 Brand New Shipping Routes!! All included at one low price!!

Why, we've even taken the time and effort to add one or two for the Blue Side ™ as well! Because we like to be fair!


This package is guaranteed to give you several hours of Flying Fun ™, or your money back! (subject to limitations of time, distance, aircraft and munitions used, and general stufflikethatthere. Limited warranty exipres 5 seconds after downloading. Local, Federal and International Sales taxes apply. Shipping and Handling extra.)


As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them!! As always, the usual "Notes" section for other interestering details and stuff.


Happy Hunting!


kevin stein


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Very good idea!!! I love fly nearly all campaigns in both sides! Have you think in a similar way for Israel and Germany terrains?

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why, yes. Yes I have. Takes about a day to plot, write to the ini, and test each one, but it's one the list of "ToDos"

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