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EAF MIG-17F Fresco, Fighter-Bomber Modification

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EAF MIG-17F Fresco, Fighter-Bomber Modification

EAF MiG-17F Fresco-C Fighter-Bomber Mod


=For SF2, Any and All - Reccomended for Use in SF2:I=


This is a revamping of my 2008 releade of the same aircraft, now updated/tweeked/fiddled with for SF2*. As such, it is my not-so-humble attempt to duplicate the fighter-bomber modifications the EAF performed on their MiG-17's during the 6 Day War.


*meaning....I'd forgotten I was doing it and stumbled across it 'hidden' in SF2I!*


Inis have been adjusted to make use of various and sundry imporvement since the initial release.

This is a complete package, with weapons*, skins, cockpit (Ordway's Fresco pit). Markings make use of all stock in-game decals. The only thing =NOT=included is the Fresco's LOD, as it's pretty much available in ALL versions of SF2. Loadouts have been 'adjusted', using the new 'change by year' feature, to discontinue use of the Sakr pak, and return to standard UB series rocket pods around 1975. The data ini (ie: Flight Model) is fully updated to the latest patch level (Oct 2011 -not the betas)


*weapons included are the Sakr rocket rack and pylon set. It uses the S-5 57mm rocket that should be stock in all installs. The FAB-100 may require the GunnyPak*


As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them!! As always, the usual "Notes" section for other interestering details and stuff.


Good Hunting!


kevin stein


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I wnted to modify the 6 day war campaign to incorporate this. Who can tell me if all Mig-17F's were modified or just some? What percentage How many squadrons should be flying this?



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