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Need Help Starting OFF-BT&H

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Just installing OFF-BT&H and ,though the installation seemed to go smoothly, I am having problem with starting up the game.


I insert CFS3 disk # 2,double-click on the OFF desktop icon,and the loading process seems to proceed normally. I can enlist my pilot with no problem,and I can choose a Mission. However, the problem starts when I click on "Go To Field". The loading process seems to proceed normally until I get to the point where the computer voice says "Contact". Then I get a Windows dialogue box that says the program has stopped running because another instance of CFS3 is running . At this point all I can do is Control-Alt -Delete to get back to the desktop.


What am I doing wrong?

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Couple of things to check m8...firstly..did you patch cfs3 to 1.3?

Did you install all the updates for OFF?


If you answered yes to these...have a look in the help section of the OFF forum...but I'm sure some other guys will jump on soon to help as well :drinks:

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Hi Dan,


Check out the FAQ for install and first configuring of OFF, sounds like you need to run the graphics Config from Workshop menu.


Check http://www.overflandersfields.com/FAQ.htm#Installation_and_settings to make sure you installed the right patches and then


See under section there;






It could be the graphic settings sliders have not been configured or are too high.


Try that if you still have problems contact support with your order number.

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