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F-20B Tigershark, Quickie Skin/Decal Tweek Pak

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F-20B Tigershark, Quickie Skin/Decal Tweek Pak

F-20B Tigershark Quickie Skin & Decal UPgrade Pak for SF2

=For SF2, Any and All (but Full-4 Merged Prefered/Reccomended*)


*Note: at minimum, you =MUST= have SF2:E, as the decals ini makes references/callout pointers to the stock F-15A serials. If you don't meet these minimium criteria, don't D/L this, as you wont be able to use it*


Just a quickie pak with slightly modified skin bmps and decal pointers to use stock in-game decals for Veltro2k's F-20B Tigershark.

You =MUST= have the F-20B to apply this pak to; it's just a skin, a few decals and a couple of inis for said skin and decals.


It's a rather generic skin, with tail code markings for the 56th FW, at Luke AFB, Arizona. The "LF" code is a new decal, as are the intake warnings. The rescue tags are borrowed from somewhere I can't remember (an F-104???).


As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them!! The usual "Notes" section for other interestering details and stuff, explinations, and general musings and things.

To make it easier, I'd reccomend (highly!) you unzip this archive first, and read the install instructions BEFORE installing, as without following them, you'll have a conflict.


*note: this is the correct tail code; the one shown in the "What if..." screenshots thread was not*


Happy Landings!


kevin stein


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This ia a very good job: You finished up the original mod realised without decals. I hope You will do the same with basic F-20.


Thanks Kevin.



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the standard F-20 has 10 skin and decal sets, as of last night when I went to bed. A new cockpit, minor FM tweeks, loadout tweeks (many nation/year specific) and asssorted goodies


see the 'what if screenshots' forum for pics

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