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New Skin for the Su-15TM FlagonF


- SovietCamoSPRINGS

- su-15tm_loading_screen




You must extract the folder Su-15TM SOV.CAMO.SPRINGS. Folder SovietCamoSprings save to a folderSi-15TM which is in the Aircraft folder in your game. As always Place a new decal line

in you Su-15TM.ini folder. The Line for this aircraft is:




Name=Soviet Camo Springs






Replace the XXX with the next number in the sequence.

That's it.




Part of the package is loadingscreen. If you want to install, here's how:

su-15tm_loading_screen.bmp copy to your folder Su-17TM.


This text:

LoadingScreen = su-15tm_loading_screen.bmp you must copy to a AircraftData which is in your file Mig-17F.ini. If you do, your new loadingscreen will be using the aircraft Su-15TM.




This Skin SovietCamoSPRINGS was Created by dalai_LAMA.


I used the excellent original silver skin as a base for my the SovietCamoSprings Camouflage. I thank the author of the silver skin for a great job.This Silver Skin for Su-15 was Created by Myself.


As always thanks to Boopidoo for the Su-15 Model. Also thanks goes to Pasko for the weapons and

Hawkwind and Eruyi for the avionics.


Thank you for your interest in this skin. I wish you happy landing ... ;)


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