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Need to beg a favour from a German OFF member, please.

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I'm keen to purchase "Fliegerasse - Helmut Wick vs. J. C. Dundas" from Desastersoft for IL2 Cliffs of Dover. http://www.desastersoft.com/de/1/0/0/0/0/0/product_wick.html


Desastersoft doesn't ship to Australia, neither do Amazon.de nor Amazon.fr, so I contacted Desastersoft to see what could be arranged.


24 Euro for the game,67 Euro for shipping via UPS or DHL!! Hardly a viable option.


What I propose is to buy the add on, have it mailed to an address in Germany then sent via economical post from there to Australia.


I would of course cover all costs and something agreeable for the helper.


Problem is I need to recruit a German helper.


Any takers?



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Isn't it possible for them to make a download option, for you? :dntknw:

When my copy of OFF failed to arrive from America to Greece,

OBD arranged a special download option for me, after I showed them my payment receipt.

I got the demo version of WvsD, but never made it work, actually!

I've downloaded their new dynamic campaign beta too, but I haven't installed it yet...

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A lot of folk are asking for an international d/l, however Desastersoft don't have that option for what ever reason. Disappointing.

Makes me appreciate OBD just that much more.



sehr vielen danke.

return sent.


Thanks you both for responding.

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