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Thermal Protection Coating on Bomb´s

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i just downloaded the Tornado-Gr1/Gr4 pack and found a bomb that i made (Mk10_1000_RTD) with a new texture , no problem with me but i wonder why someone would like to have a thermal protection coating on a RAF-Bomb ????? :blink:

so i checked all other bombs and found the same texture , i think it is time to point something out , this thermal-protection coating is only used by the US-Navy and no one else is using it to my knowledge

one of the reasons the US-Navy is using this coating was the Forestall disaster and the fact that bomb´s in a fire can reach the critical temperature faster than estimated (Fast Cook-Off (FCO) environment)


this is how bombs normaly look like for the USAF and all other users



and this is how the bomb looks like for the US-Navy with the thermal-protection coating (color green or grey)



and this is how the RAF-Bombs look like



so lets stop to put this coating texture on all bomb´s and let them with there natural painting , i wonder why nobody ever put this texture on a sowjet or russian bomb :grin:

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Ah a bit of a confession here, it was me! I'd completely forgotten about removing them. I'd never done any skinning before so I did some test's for a nicer version of the UK skins as the McGunny packs were very plain and one of the tests I did was that Thermal skin as the skin I borrowed was a higher res one (512x512 instead of 256x256) and I wanted to see how it changed things, only I forgot to remove it from the pack when I'd done and, as my install doesn't have it (it's a SF1 Modern Bombs "CPU-123" skin type for me which I though was in the pack), I didn't realise the Thermal stuff had been left in there, sorry! :punish:

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